AI technology is emerging fast. That growth rate creates a knowledge gap. For every organization this gap is specific and requires special attention. We help executives, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs to bridge this gap.

*No Programming or Mathematical skills required*

We bring knowledge into your context!
Course plans
2 days course
  • All 4 modules
  • Online training
  • Downloadable sessions
starting at €350, - excl. VAT
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1/2 day course
  • 1 module of choice
  • Online training
  • Downloadable sessions
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  • 1
    • Energizer: AI in pop culture
    • Class: Concept of AI
    • LAB 1: Mini Workshop
    • Class: Practical AI models
    • Think Tank: AI for better business.
    • Wrap up
  • 2
    • Energizer: Future of AI
    • Class: Enterprise areas of AI applications
    • LAB 1: Mini Workshop
    • Class: Enterprise strategy for AI
    • Think Tank: Many believe that AI will make a competitive advantage but few are committed. Why?
    • Wrap up
  • 3
    • Energizer: Ethics and AI
    • Class: Building the AI culture
    • LAB 1: Mini Workshop
    • Class: AI readiness
    • Think Tank: What are my challenges for AI transformation?
    • Wrap up
  • 4
    Data and security
    • Energizer: AI vs CyberCrime
    • Class: Data Science
    • LAB 1: Mini Workshop
    • Class: Security and Data privacy
    • Think Tank: Where is the hidden value in my data?
    • Wrap up
How will this course benefit you?
  • Concept
    Understand the concept of AI.
  • Practice
    Get insights into practical AI models.
  • Strategy
    Guidelines on how to develop an enterprise AI Strategy.
  • Application
    Get insights into areas of AI application within the organization.
  • Security and data privacy
    Get a full grip on security and data privacy challenges.
  • Culture and governance
    Learn to build AI-ready culture, establish governance and change management.
  • Job
    Don't let AI take over your job. Make AI a job.
How will this course benefit your company?
  • Eliminate the knowledge gap
    Bridge the missing knowledge gap.
  • Enhance the skills and knowledge base
    Enhancing the skills and knowledge base for employees is a fundamental element of success.
  • Stay competitive
    Keeping the knowledge base up to date gives the competitive advantage on the market.
  • Increase productivity
    Training employees can result in better customer service and productivity improvements.
  • Invest in reputation
    Investing in employees is good for the reputation.

We are creating and delivering AI training content applicable across all levels of your organisation. We have built our knowledge by more than a decade of experience in coaching and consulting the bleeding edge market players.

By working with world leading BFSI enterprises we learned a lot about importance of security and data protection and we strive to share this knowledge in our trainings as well. is redefining education with unconventional and highly practical approach to knowledge delivery.