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Aim of the course

Git is an essential tool for those who are writing code and not only. The goal of a course is to provide a minimum and simple knowledge kit for using GIT with Github.

Documentation about GIT for non-technical people can be rather scarce. That is why we are making this course as digestible for non-experienced people.

We also want you to learn from the real-life experiences of respectable people within the industry.

In order to build MVP. In order to set up a proper development process from the beginning.
In order to get a job in an IT company, you need not only to know programming, but also tools used for software development.
For those, who started using Git and struggling with it a lot.
Carreer builders

For those who wants to acquire new skills and to keep resumes, notes, writings, musical compositions, office documents, reports etc.

To finally get rid of those files “final”, “final_1”,”final_v8” and make sure your projects, homework, and diplomas don’t disappear an hour before the deadline.
Start using git for your LaTex files, LaTeX beamer presentations, and LaTeX documents, org-mode files, shell/emacs dot files.
Although Git works best with text files, other file formats can be kept in git as well.. you loose a bit on a collaboration side comparing to txt files, but you still benefit of having a version control system.
Course program
Module 0. Course overview and objectives
Module 1. What is Git, and how do I benefit from it?
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand what is GIT, what value does it give to you, and why to choose Git over some other version control systems.]
Module 2. By the way, what is the version control, and what problems does it solve?
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand what is the value of version control in respect to quality, reliability and costs reduction]
Module 3. Git under the hood
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand the Git specific terminology and how is Git used.]
Module 4. How do I install GIT?
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to install GIT on your computer]
Module 5. What is GitHub?
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand how GitHub compares to Git ]
Module 6. How do I start with GitHub?
 [Objective: After this lesson you will leatn to register on GitHub and create a first GitHub repository]
Module 7. GitHub essentials
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to create branches, make a private repository, invite other people to collaborate and make a pull request]
Module 8. My first Git steps
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to create a repository, how to stage and commit changes to a local branch]
Module 9. How do I work with the remote repository?
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to push and pull changes to a remote branch.]
Module 10. Can I see my previous changes and history?
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to find previous changes and compare them to the existing version.]
Module 11. I have made a mistake: what to do now?
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to undo your changes and recover from mistakes.]
Module 12. Why do I need branches and how to use them?
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to create, switch and delete branches]
Module 13. How do I put aside my local changes so I can work on something else?
[Objective: After this lesson you will Learn how to “park” your current changes without committing them to local branch. Also learn how to apply those changes later on.]
Module 14. How do I integrate my work with the work in other branches?
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to merge changes in other branches to your active branch.]
Module 15. Basic git workflow
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to establish a Git branching workflow that best fits your needs]
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Vladimir Obradović
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  • 16+ years in IT industry.
  • Prepared dozens of students for mathematics and IT exams.
  • After Vladimir's JAVA course students made a website for regional TV broadcaster.
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  • 8 years experience in people and project management.
  • 7+ years working in agile software organisations.
  • 5 years of experience working with AI and ML.
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You will get access to the course materials for 1 year.
What is Git and why do I need it?
Git is a version control code, which helps to work with code and other text files quickly and efficiently. These are just couple of examples of situations which Git helps to prevent: "do some quick changes and couple of hours later realise you dont need it, but cant get back anymore", "having 60 files with obscure names v1,v2,v1-final,v1-fin-final etc".
Do I get feedback on practical exercises?
To keep the price as affordable as possible we made the course "Do It Yourself" way. But we encourage you to solve the quizes, since the feedback on it will be immediate.
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