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8 lessons + practical exercises in Python

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Aim of the course

Python is the most popular programming language at the moment. It is one of the easiest to learn and the best gateway into the world of programming. The goal of a course is to provide a minimum and simple knowledge kit for programming in the Python programming language.

We also want you to learn from real-life experiences and situations.

In order to build MVP, prototypes, and concepts
Starting professionals
In order to get a job in an IT company, you need not only to know programming, but also tools used for software development.
For those, who whant to learn to code and struggling with it a lot.
Carreer builders

For those who wants to acquire new skills.

To boost your experience and give you more confidence.
Course program
Lesson 0. What is Python, why Python
Lesson 1. Setting up your first python development environment
[Objective: After this lesson, you will set up all necessary tools required for Python programming.]
Lesson 2. Syntax, variables and operators
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand the syntax of Python language, or how to properly write "sentences" in Python language.]
Lesson 3. Python data types
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand what are the basic Python data types. ]
Lesson 4. How to interact with Python program?
  • [Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to pass some input values to your program and how your program can pass results to you.]
Lesson 5. Conditions, loops and decisions
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn how to define conditions in your program and how your program can make decisions based on those conditions. ]
Lesson 6. Functions and modules
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to write and organize complex program structures on a readable manner]
Lesson 7. Working with files
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn how to write data into files and read it from files.]
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8 online lessons
Practical exercises
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Coach and instructor
"I believe knowledge is there to be shared. I love to teach, coach, and help people learning new skills and getting new knowledge. My rich engineering experience and ability to simply explain complex techniques and tools make my courses extremely effective."
Vladimir Obradović
Tech Coach; IT Consultant; Startup co-founder

After 16 years of experience in leading IT companies, and after I have been interviewed more than 100 candidates, I know what is important, where to pay attention, how to achieve goals, and land a job. Check more about me on

  • 16+ years in IT industry.
  • Prepared dozens of students for mathematics and IT exams.
  • After Vladimir's JAVA course students made a website for regional TV broadcaster.
  • 15+ years experience working with JAVA, PYTHON and complementary technologies.
  • 8 years experience in people and project management.
  • 7+ years working in agile software organisations.
  • 5 years of experience working with AI and ML.
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