3.4 SCRUM alati
We are about to take off, you will meet Vladimir and he will tell you more about this course.
This is the moment where we would like to know more about you. But because this is not a live course we can not have a face-to-face conversation and chit-chat.
Instead, take your time and introduce yourself. Try to answer the following questions. It is a good opportunity to practice 'introduction speech' and also to reflect a bit more on your motivations to enroll in this course.
You can record yourself using a smartphone or audio recorder and then you can listen to the recording as it was someone else speaking.
Question 1: Who are you?

Question 2: Why are you interested in data visualization?

Question 3: What skills do you expect to develop after this course?

Question 4: Do you remember any moment in your time when you had to draw some graph or diagram in order to communicate a message to someone and how did it go?

Think stop requires 10 minutes