SCRUM and SCRUM master

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Aim of the course

This is an agile workshop.

We are learning agile methods, techniques, tools and developing an agile mindset.

We are learning SCRUM.

After this course you will be able to work in the role of SCRUM master.

In order to build MVP. In order to respond to change in most volatile times of the company life cycle.
In order to get a job in an IT company, you need not only to know programming, but also to fit and be part of the agile transformation and way of work.
Career switchers
For those, who want to change career and become SCRUM masters

Transition to Agile from traditional project management is an omnipresent event in the IT industry. To be part of the future, existing management should understand the agile principles.

Scrum is a framework utilizing an agile mindset for developing, delivering, and sustaining products in a complex environment, with an initial emphasis on software development, although it has been used in other fields including research, sales, marketing and advanced technologies.
Test if you are a natural born Scrum Master
We've prepared a challenging scenario and let's see if you can solve it!
Course program
Lesson 0. Course overview and objectives
Lesson 1. Software Projects Management
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand the importance and elements of a Software Project Management.]
Lesson 2. Management methodologies
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand what are different approaches to the management of projects and people.]
Lesson 3. Waterfall method
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand the concept of Waterfall method.]

Lesson 4. Agile manifesto and major agile concepts

[Objective: After this lesson you will learn what are the main Agile principles.]
Lesson 5. SCRUM and SCRUM cases
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand what is SCRUM and when is best to use it. ]
Lesson 6. SCRUM theory
 [Objective: After this lesson you will understand the theory behind the SCRUM framework.]
Lesson 7. SCRUM team and SCRUM ceremonies
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn what is the composition and roles in the SCRUM team as well as what are the major ceremonies]
Lesson 8. SCRUM tools
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn what are basic scrum tools and how to use them.]
Lesson 9. Agile planning and transparency
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn to understand how to plan Agile projects.]
Lesson 10. Importance of Agile games and workshops
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn how to organize agile games and workshops and how do they empower and promote the agile mindset and culture.]
Lesson 11. Exercise
[Objective: After this lesson, you will have a hands-on experience with a SCRUM simulation.]
Lesson 12. Examples of certification questions
[Objective: After this lesson, you will get impression over the certification exam and questions that you could encounter on the exam]
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"I believe knowledge is there to be shared. I love to teach, coach, and help people learning new skills and getting new knowledge. My rich engineering experience and ability to simply explain complex techniques and tools make my courses extremely effective."
Vladimir Obradović
Tech Coach; IT Consultant; Startup co-founder

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  • 16+ years in IT industry.
  • Prepared dozens of students for mathematics and IT exams.
  • After Vladimir's JAVA course students made a website for regional TV broadcaster.
  • 15+ years experience working with JAVA and complementary technologies.
  • 8 years experience in people and project management.
  • 7+ years working in agile software organisations.
  • 5 years of experience working with AI and ML.
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For how long will I have access to the course?
You will get access to the course materials for 1 year.
What is SCRUM and why do I need it?
SCRUM is a framework used for managing different projects. It is almost de facto standard in the majority of IT organizations. After this course, you can easily work as a SCRUM master and that is a managerial role.
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