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The course starts on July 18, 2022.

12 video lessons and 8 LIVE group lessons and exercises
6 weeks

Certificate of completed course and Digital Badge

Scrum is a framework that uses an agile mindset to develop, deliver, and maintain products in a complex environment, with an initial emphasis on software development, although used in other areas, including research, sales, marketing, and advanced technologies.

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The course teaches you how to
  • understand Scrum and Agile theory
  • understand the values of Agile and pass them on to the team
  • implement Scrum and its artifacts
  • mediate in a team and negotiate
  • understand and work with team dynamics
  • deal with conflicts and communication problems
  • form self-organized teams
  • deliver the produced value to the client and work flexibly even on projects with a fixed price
  • work in the role of SCRUM Master
To respond to changes in the most volatile period of the company's life cycle and lead teams in an efficient manner
To get a job in an IT company, you need not only to know programming, but also to fit in and be a part of an agile transformation and way of working
Are you changing careers?
For those who want to change their career and become Scrum Masters.
It is entirely possible to become a Scrum Master without prior knowledge of software development.

The transition from traditional project management to Agile is a ubiquitous event in the IT industry. To be part of the future, existing management needs to understand agile principles.

Why enroll in this course
  • SCRUM Master is in the top 10% of the most sought after profiles globally
  • The vast majority of firms are either ongoing or have not yet begun the Agile Transformation
  • This knowledge and skill offers a more secure future and employment stability
  • If you look at LinkedIn, you will find a large offer of jobs for SCRUM Masters
  • All leading companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix) have been using SCRUM for many years
  • The position of SCRUM Master is a springboard for a further career
  • SCRUM Master does not have to know how to program
  • SCRUM Master's salary is US $ 70,000 to $ 130,000
  • Salaries of SCRUM Master in the Republic of Serbia 60,000 RSD to 200,000 RSD
  • SCRUM Master is a managerial position
If you are a manager, learn ...
  • How Scrum can shorten your delivery time
  • How Scrum can awaken and energize people
  • How Scrum can bring more transparency and reduce risks to your project
  • How Scrum can make your estimates more accurate and accurate
  • How Scrum can give you more control over your projects
With this course you gain knowledge and experience that allows you to immediately get a job in the position of SCRUM Master
Course program
Lesson 0. Course overview and objectives
Lesson 1. Software Projects Management
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand the importance and elements of a Software Project Management.]
Lesson 2. Management methodologies
[Objective: After this lesson, you will understand what are different approaches to the management of projects and people.]
Lesson 3. Waterfall method
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand the concept of Waterfall method.]

Lesson 4. Agile manifesto and major agile concepts

[Objective: After this lesson you will learn what are the main Agile principles.]
Lesson 5. SCRUM and SCRUM cases
[Objective: After this lesson you will understand what is SCRUM and when is best to use it. ]
Lesson 6. SCRUM theory
 [Objective: After this lesson you will understand the theory behind the SCRUM framework.]
Lesson 7. SCRUM team and SCRUM ceremonies
[Objective: After this lesson you will learn what is the composition and roles in the SCRUM team as well as what are the major ceremonies]
Lesson 8. SCRUM tools
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn what are basic scrum tools and how to use them.]
Lesson 9. Agile planning and transparency
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn to understand how to plan Agile projects.]
Lesson 10. Importance of Agile games and workshops
[Objective: After this lesson, you will learn how to organize agile games and workshops and how do they empower and promote the agile mindset and culture.]
Lesson 11. Exercise
[Objective: After this lesson, you will have a hands-on experience with a SCRUM simulation.]
Lesson 12. Examples of certification questions
[Objective: After this lesson, you will get impression over the certification exam and questions that you could encounter on the exam]
Our Student Impressions
"My impression: I didn't even imagine that a Scrum simulation could be done online like this, and it's pretty good."
"I would like to praise the attempt to make a "play" of SCRUM, and in general it opened my eyes from one totally different side."
"All the praise for the course, it was both interesting and educational."
"Even though the whole course was online we had the opportunity to learn, we solved some dilemmas in class."
"I would add some more assignments for the Scrum Master"

"Eventually I would add more exercises, i.e. sprint simulations. The tools we used were great and the lecturer shared his many experiences. I think it was a very important part of the learning process."

"I am satisfied, I will recommend the course to everyone."
"I'm quite happy with the concept itself, the metaverse classroom, because I have the impression that it forces us to be there and be prepared for the discussion. The discussions were great, there can be more workshops."
"All praise for the lectures, the energy invested and the ability to transfer knowledge in the right way.
The lectures were very professional, at the same time fun, but also relaxed enough for us all to feel comfortable and without hesitation to express some of our doubts or ask a question that seemed trivial to us. All in all, a great experience and all the recommendations for this course. "
"I liked the open discussion and freedom of speech :) in addition to the positive atmosphere and the right coaching approach, which led us to think independently and evaluate what would be good to do in a given situation, as well as to understand the essence of Scrum. we came up with new tools and heard a number of new terms, and the practical experiences of the lecturers were really interesting and instructive. "
"The course is excellent. You get useful and practical information. The story is not general but very specific. At the end of the course you get a clear picture of Scrum, as well as the work done by Scrum Master, the way he does it, etc. All the best."
"For me personally, this course was very useful, not only because of the new knowledge I gained in the field of Scrum and Agile skills, but also a lot of experience of our mentor and the rest of the team who selflessly shared, so I would definitely recommend it to everyone, even for people who do not want to do this job specifically, a lot of useful things can be applied to other areas of business, so it meant a lot to me in terms of personal development. "
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"I believe that knowledge exists to be shared. I love teaching, training and helping people learn new skills and acquire new knowledge. My rich engineering experience and ability to simply explain complex techniques and tools make my courses extremely effective."

Meet your Masterclass tutor

Vladimir Obradovic

Tech Coach; IT Consultant; Educator, Startup co-founder

  • 17+ years in the IT industry
  • 14+ years of work in agile software organizations
(Levi9 - Novi Sad, SDL - Amsterdam)
  • 10+ years Scrum Master and Technical Product Owner
  • 9 years of experience in working on projects of the world's leading investment banks and government organizations (ING Bank - Amsterdam, European Medical Agency - Amsterdam, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure - Rotterdam)
  • Mentor and coach to younger colleagues
  • Prepared dozens of students for exams in mathematics and informatics
  • 15+ years of experience in working with PYTHON, JAVA and complementary technologies
  • 8 years of experience in people and project management
  • 6 years of experience in the field of AI and ML
Teaching methods
Blended Learning
An educational program (formal and informal) that combines online digital media with traditional methods used in the classroom.

Blended learning usually includes:

  • Part of the learning takes place online, where the student can control the pace at which he learns
  • The second part of the learning is led by an instructor, usually conducted through a webinar, allowing distance learners to engage more easily
Flipped Classroom
Pedagogical concept that envisages a change in the organization of the teaching process, in order to improve the quality of teaching with the application of modern technology.

This concept implies that what was traditionally done in class is now done for homework, and what was traditionally done for homework is now done in class. This means that students, at home, should learn what will be done in class, so that most of the class is dedicated to practice, work on new examples and the like.
How long will I have access to the course?
In the VIP package you will get access to course materials for an indefinite period of time.
In the PRO package you will get access to the course materials for a period of one year.
In the Basic package you will have access to course materials for 6 months.
What is SCRUM and why do I need it?
SCRUM is a framework used to manage various projects. This is almost the de facto standard in most IT organizations. After this course, you can easily work as a SCRUM master, and that is a managerial role.
What level of IT knowledge do I need to follow the course?
This course does not require any IT prior knowledge.
Will I get a certificate?
You will receive a certificate from IAMAI Academy and Rajak School on the completed course.
How are classes organized?
Depends on the package purchased. In the Basic package, you get access to video lessons and learn on your own. In the Pro package, you get video lessons in advance, watch a lesson and then have a live online group lesson related to that lesson. In class, we answer questions and do additional exercises. In the VIP variant, instead of a group lesson, you have an individual 1 on 1 lesson. You can ask a question at any time via email, Viber, WhatsAPP or telegram, Instagram. We try to answer every question, even for the participants of the Basic Package.
What payment options are available to me?
It can be paid by card over the Internet or by payment slip through the partner School Rajak from Novi Sad.
Can I get a refund?
In the first 10 days from the beginning of the course you can request a refund at any time and this applies to the VIP and PRO package. You can also request a refund after completing the course, provided that you have watched all the video material, that you have attended 80% of all online lessons and that you have done 80% of your homework.

In the case of the Basic Package, you can watch a video sample and after that if you buy the package, there is no refund.
What is a digital badge?
A digital badge is a visual representation of an achievement, skill, or experience that you can display on the Internet. A digital badge / badge differs from traditional paper letters of credit in that you can take your achievements with you wherever you go. A digital badge is a certificate on the web and is much more powerful than paper certificates because it is easy to share and contains rich metadata. This metadata includes basic information such as who issued the badge, username, date of issue and, if applicable, expiration date and skills and experience gained.
What is the significance of the digital badge for course participants?
A digital badge is a visual display that is unique to you and easily shared on the Internet through your social media platforms. You can use badges to create your digital profile and tell your professional story. Badges will transform your digital presence and help you easily communicate and promote newly acquired skills and achievements to potential employers. This makes it easier for employers to understand these skills and know that they have been verified by the IAMAI ACADEMY. And since badges are easily shared on professional social networks such as LinkedIn, they help course participants tell stories about their achievements.
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