Profession Ads Manager

Quick start and expert guidance through the essentials of digital marketing and META (Facebook) & Instagram Ads

  • 10 Modules with video lessons
  • Guides, checklists & practical exercises
  • Self-path
  • Certificate of completed course
For whom is this course
  • For beginners
    Acquire a new in-demand profession. Gain practical knowledge and expertise and start working in the field of social media advertisement.
  • For freelancers
    Broaden your skillset with Facebook and Instagram Ads, and provide your clients with an extended range of advertising services. Stand out in a competitive market by offering effective Facebook & Instagram advertising solutions to your clients.
  • For those who want to switch careers
    Join the world of digital marketing and gain more freedom and autonomy. Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this constantly-evolving field.
  • For entrepreneurs
    Harness the power of social media platforms to drive traffic, leads, and sales for your business. Get the knowledge and skills you need to take your business to the next level with powerful, results-driven advertising campaigns. Learn how to create effective advertising campaigns and understand how well your ads manager works.
Claim your spot now and get access to the following skills
  • How to search for clients and to organize your work
  • How to analyze target audience and competition
  • How to create an effective ads copy, that resonates with the audience
  • How to create effective ads that will capture the target audience‚Äôs attention
  • How to select the right targeting options to reach the right people and how to set up campaigns in the ads manager
  • How to measure the success of campaigns and how to optimize advertising based on the results
  • How to develop and implement a comprehensive advertising strategy that aligns with business goals and drives results
  • How to sell your services

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Course program

Additional bonuses
Professional Development
  • Additional development as an ad manager
  • Long-term results without burnout
  • How to promote yourself as a specialist
  • How and when to start delegating your work

Results: Gain advanced skills and knowledge to enhance your performance in ad management, achieving long-term results without burnout.

Learn how to stand out as a specialist in the field of ad management and acquire the necessary skills to know when and how to delegate your work effectively.

Value: 180 EUR

Price: 0

Strategic approach to finding your ideal clients
  • All ways to find clients
  • Personal presentation. Business proposal
  • Ad manager's work method. Areas of responsibility
  • How to handle objections and uncomfortable questions
  • Project for practice

Results: Acquisition of knowledge on how to find ideal clients through different methods and development of skills to present yourself and create business proposals.

Value: 150 EUR

Price: 0

Meet your tutor

Digital Marketing Strategist; Coach; CEO
Enroll in this course to get started with digital marketing
6+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs worldwide establish their online presence, automate sales funnels, create brand awareness, and generate leads for their products and services
Launched projects in niches such as edtech, IT, psychology, training, fitness, travel, and hospitality, healthcare in 13+ countries
Achieved 25 times sales growth in the last 3 years
Valentina Mikhaylova
2 university degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, and in Management
Certified ICF Coach

I AM AI ACADEMY Certificate

Complete all lessons and practical exercises to earn a certificate that will be an additional reason for someone to hire you.



Profession Ads Manager

40 spots available


389 EUR

149 EUR
  • 10 Modules with video lessons
  • Bonus Module 1: Professional Development
  • Bonus Module 2: Strategic Approach to Finding Your Ideal Clients
  • Downloadable materials (guides and checklists)
  • Practical exercises
  • Access to the course for 1 year
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