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Our Vision
As citizens of a global society, the influence of technology is massive. The ever succeeding world of technology will either help us succeed or hold us back.
A certain path into the prosperous future is knowledge, but knowledge itself is not enough. What makes a difference is the ability to apply that knowledge to real-life situations, and solve the problems of tomorrow.
The combination of knowledge, experience, and technology is what will keep enabling organizations and individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving world of work.
We believe that education, should be affordable and available for everyone and everywhere.
For our Students
For Businesses
We help to build new skills and immediately apply them in practice
We help businesses to upskill their teams or to create custom courses using gamification and modern teaching techniques
What is important is that you learn the CONCEPT. A complete concept for the development of one application and technology that will enable you to turn your idea into a profitable product. In the course, I learned exactly that: how to turn an idea into something you will be able to live on. Whether you are working for someone or planning to start your StartUp from the living room. From basics (algorithms), first lines of code in Java programming language, basics of HTML and CSS, JavaScript to creating a complete Java web application, from scratch to knowledge that you can charge for in many ways. I have not repented, my warm recommendation for this course.
Primary school Psychologist
Interesting, professional, interesting, motivating.
Many thanks!
Student of Computer Sciences
Very well organized, going step by step and very thorough in his teachings. With only a few classes we managed to achieve a lot and go through everything that we planned to do.
Primary school Teacher
It is a pleasure to listen to
a lecturer like this!
High school Teacher
Thank you very much! The lecture was really interesting, educational and interesting.
1 on 1 Career Tracks: Start a new Career
Duration 8 months.
You will learn Negotiation, communication with the team (leadership), knowledge of technology, business analytics, risk management, high impact on the result, Agile and Scrum, Leadership skills and more.
Develop the skills and mindset of an IT Manager. Gain the necessary experience for employment.
IT Management 3.0
Duration 12 months.
Emphasis on training skills, direct transfer of experience from practicing developers, constant contact with a mentor and filling out a portfolio.
Learn Python from scratch and start a new career as a junior developer in just 3 months of training. The track has accent on Machine Learning.
Python Developer
Collect a portfolio of projects and start applying for vacancies after only 8 months of training.
Duration 12 months.
You will be able to systematize your knowledge, summarize the practice of programming in Java with in-depth training, accelerate the professional development of the very foundations of the profession.
Learn back-end development in Java, Spring and DevOps basics.
Medior Java Developer
courses: Acquire a specific skill
Beginners level
The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basics of Java programming (Java Core programming) and object-oriented programming.
Beginners level
The goal of the course is to provide you knowledge about the SCRUM framework and prepare you for work in the role of a SCRUM master.
SCRUM and SCRUM master
Beginners level
The goal of a course is to provide a simple knowledge kit for programming in Python. We also want you to get tips on the real-life challenges you might encounter on your journey.
Beginners level
The aim of the course is to train you to create basic models of machine learning. You can use this knowledge to solve a large number of practical problems that are difficult to solve with traditional programming. Part of the course is accelerated Python training, and you will gain valuable Python skills. For many job interviews, Python today is what Excel was 10 years ago. A must have!
Machine Learning in practice
Beginners level
AI technology is emerging fast. That growth rate creates a knowledge gap. For every organization, this gap is specific and requires special attention. We help executives, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs to bridge this gap.
Easy GIT/GITHub for newbies
Beginners level
AI technology is emerging fast. That growth rate creates a knowledge gap. For every organization, this gap is specific and requires special attention. We help executives, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs to bridge this gap.
Yes, yes, yes!
Gamification makes all this possible.
But around this tool there are too many myths preventing teachers from using it.
Can people learn with fun? Can we become addicted to learning?
Can children's curiosity persist in adults?
“In a highly connected digital world, the future is only one click away. We need to be ready for the challenges that tomorrow brings. Knowledge is the only certain path into the future. Learn more about me on vladobra.com
Vladimir Obradovic
Co-founder iamai.academy
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Answers on these and many other questions you will find in our free guide.
Teaching methods
​​Blended Learning
Flipped Classroom
Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning, is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. Blended learning usually involves:
A flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning, which aims to increase student engagement and learning by having pupils complete readings at home and work on live problem-solving during class time. The flipped classroom intentionally shifts instruction to a learner-centered model, in which students are often initially introduced to new topics outside of school, freeing up classroom time for the exploration of topics in greater depth, creating meaningful learning opportunities.
A portion of the learning occurs online, with the student being able to manage the pace at which they learn;
Another portion of the learning is instructor-led, usually conducted through webinars, allowing remote learners to engage more easily.
Tools we use in teaching
Open Badges
Artificial intelligence helps us to create teaching material and personalized content
Where applicable, we use
Metaverse for cooperation and teamwork, and sometimes we just organize digital excursions
Whenever possible, we want to turn learning into a game and fun activity, through various types of competitions and collecting points. Are you ready for the next level?
A digital badge is a visual representation of an achievement, skill, or experience that you can display and share online.
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