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Git is not just for coders—it's a valuable tool for anyone managing files and projects.

Our course is designed to make Git accessible and fun for everyone,

whether you're a coding newbie or simply looking to expand your skill set.

The course will teach you:
  • Git Basics: Understanding basic concepts, managing changes, and collaborating with other developers
  • Using GitHub: Registering, creating repositories, and collaborating on projects
  • Git client: Installation and configuration for managing local repositories
  • Git commands and commits: Practical exercises with basic commands and the first commit
  • Branching and feature branches: Working with multiple versions of code and integrating new features
  • Conflict resolution and workflows: Managing conflicts between code versions and selecting workflows

This course is a perfect match for you if you are:

  • Developer
    Enhance your employability in the IT industry by mastering not only programming but also the tools used for software development
  • Entrepreneur
    Build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and establish an effective development process from the ground up
  • Student or Scientist
    Ensure your projects, presentations, and diplomas are secure and well organized
  • Career Builder
    Acquire new skills and enhance your resume, whether you work with code, documents, reports, or more
  • Gamified Learning Experience
    Our gamification system awards you with experience points as you complete different sections of the training. Earning these points will get you access to bonus content or discounts on paid courses.
  • The Badge Belt
    As you improve your critical thinking skills, look for the Badge Belt to indicate your progress and reward you for your efforts.

Course Program

15 EUR
Hello, I'm Vladimir, and I will be happy to share with you the incredible journey on the path of learning GIT.

We're passionate about making Git accessible and fun for everyone, whether you're a newcomer to coding or eager to expand your skill set.

The aim of our course is simple: to equip you with a minimum, yet powerful, knowledge kit for using Git alongside GitHub. We understand that Git can seem complex, especially if you're new to it. That's why we've made it our mission to break down the barriers and provide you with digestible content that anyone can grasp.

You'll also benefit from the insights of respected industry professionals, gaining real-life perspectives and tips that will prove invaluable in your journey to becoming a Git expert. Let's embark on this learning adventure together!

Warm regards,
Vladimir Obradović
Tech Coach, IT consultant, Educator

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