why they need you & your services
is your best ambassador

Once again, thank you for your openness and willingness to join a common initiative of using a special form of content marketing (educational content in a rich form), and testing: how it affects your sales KPIs, results, and its receptions by your prospects.

In the next couple of pages, I will summarize what is on our mind, but please see this rather as an open book that we can modify accordingly to our needs and priorities, than "a document written in a stone".
I AM AI ACADEMY & SentienceLab
Clear, fast, and precise communication with a creative approach is our key to success!
Promotional material - brochures and scripts - are converted into a mini course.

"The necessity and benefits of outsourcing HR and Payroll services: how Your Company can help".
How it works?
Selling by educating, not direct selling
Why does it sell?
You teach prospects, why they need you, what is the benefit of having you provide them a service, what are the risks, how you can minimize those risks, etc. At the same time, you teach them from the field in which you are a proven expert. Along with knowledge, you also provide them with information about you.
interactive scenarios
structured learning content
fun educational videos
In a form of "knowledge bites".
using teaching methods
course on next-gen advertising
one system for
B2C and B2B
This next-gen advertising has been verified and validated against a consumers segment in a b2c market.

The activities of managed to get from zero to profit in 4 months by selling premium courses to highly educated consumers segment by utilizing the below-described approach, techniques, and tools.
I am using my photo, so the person that doesn't know me can have an impression that has met me in person. We will do the same for the short courses by using your photos to "warm" up your prospects.
Short courses
warm up audience
cold lead
... has no interest in your product or service, has no clue about what you are offering

... can be generated with the help of lead generation firms, websites and lead generation tools

... has no interest in your company's efforts in reaching out to them

... doesn't identify their need

... very few chances of closing the deal

... is not a qualified lead

... requires more time and nurturing
... has much interest in your product or service: signs up for newsletters, provides contact details, is ready to know more about the product or service you are offering

... can be generated due to email prospecting service, Google, Facebook ads, websites and blogs

... engages in between, their attention can be drawn

... has not identified needs so far

... can result in a sale

... needs nurturing to become a qualified lead

... requires moderate amounts of nurturing
warm lead
... has a deep interest in your product or service, is searching for solutions, is ready to talk to you about making the purchase

... can be generated due to sales development representatives and email marketing campaigns

... is ready to engage immediately with your company

... has identified a specific need

... high chances of closing the deal

... is a qualified lead

... has no need for nurturing. Just proper handling till the closure of the sale
hot lead
with short courses
How The sales funnel look
as content marketing instrument
This works perfectly
for B2C
Though B2B is different,
the funnel above
will work also
Feel free to share
your thoughts
  • Structured and concise course landing page, ad
  • Fun and engaging video
Grab the prospects attention
Establish your expertise and authenticity
  • Short course with elements mentioned further in the text
Convince them to invest
  • Case studies, direct video message
learning experience
for an immersive learning experience, simulating real life situations or case studies.
Interactive quizes
shortens the time and costs of video production
AI Video creation
(direct speech, direct questions)
it is a part of learning psychology: the written text engages the reader and triggers the learning process.
issuing badges directly embedded in the content. This boosts an experience of self-accomplishment.
Passive gamification
issuing certificates of accomplishment with a proper branding Arete Socium Opus Ltd.
Learning content is sliced to micro-lessons, focused on a single topic
Micro lessons focus
Rich media components are used to deliver, to assess a knowledge or to engage. Building blocks of knowledge.
to teach
in paragraph or bullet points
audial & visual
carrier of information
to teach &
to engage
audial & visual
information carried by
any chosen person
to teach &
to engage
Think stop
directly asked
open questions
to engage
Task to do
to engage
Classical quiz
to assess &
to engage
Interactive scenario
video & picture & text
textual & visual
story driven by
students' answers
to assess &
to teach &
to engage
Embedded badge
static pic of
badge in lesson
to engage & to reward
text & picture
dialogs of characters
to teach &
to engage
to teach &
to engage
visual carrier of information
blending properly above mentioned elements?
Learning experience
Sales and promotes your services
Increases conversion rate
Sets you as a relevant authority in your business segment
Differentiate from competition
Enhances your reputation
to make a short course of 7-8 lessons with interactive quizzes, several videos, short video interview with You, classical quizzes, links to videos or additional publically available content of Your Company
  • course topic,
  • customer segment,
  • learning objectives,
  • thesis,
  • a course index
Content definition
  • specifying text for lessons,
  • writing a scenarios for Interactive quizes,
  • specifying topic for video material,
  • gathering photo/video materials for interactive quizes
Content design
  • creating and assembling the content
Course production
  • setting web analytics
Post production
Your Comapany
  • Answers on required content and business domain questions
  • Existing text for lessons or indicated similar internet content
  • Photos or videos of representatives
  • Some time to review material "on the go"
  • Some time for potential brainstorming
Collaboration goals
Short courses, presenting the Your Company and services, could contribute to a higher conversion rate, an enhanced reputation of the company, building a trustful relationships with potential customers, differentiating against the competition by using next-gen and smart content. Establishing itself as a relevant authority in the business segment.
Your Company
SentienceLab will produce the educational content for this collaboration
We will use yours or ours CMS
  • it can deliver rich multimedial content and it is sutable for the needs of this collaboration
  • it can be backed up to HTML and as such hosted on other platform if necessary
  • there are 3rd party plugins that can provide integration with Google Analytics
Your company will provide relevant business domain information
Frequent, short on-demand communication when necessary
Early and regular inspections and feedback on progress
Learning experience
Alignement with this framework
Answering kick off questions
Defining the course topic
Defining high level course thesis
Arranging the Notion access rights or accounts
Download kick off
Case study: Arete Socium Opus, Malta
Arete Socium Opus is a business and HR consulting company from Malta.

We were glad to help ASO attract new clients and engage current ones! A short course we created not only informs specialists but also seizes their attention to ASO's services. It became possible due to the ASO team's great communication with us and our professional skills and experience!

ASO came to us with a short request: "We need more leads for HR outsourcing service". We got it covered from scratch: created the strategy, fill the course with content, and designed and deployed everything to their platform.

Clear communication and a creative approach is our key to success!
Case study: Irida, Serbia
Irida is a nonprofit organization.
Irida about our cooperation:

  • We received a recommendation for your courses through a colleague from another organization, and she connected us for further communication
  • After the first meeting, we concluded that we share values and approach education in a similar way, which was the key reason why we decided to cooperate. We also appreciated your technical expertise in creating online courses, which is still a new area for us.
  • Our expectations are justified, we recognized the elements that we would keep and those that we would further improve in the future
  • Interactive videos through which participants "communicate" with the person who guides them through the course is one of the most interesting elements for us.
  • The efficiency and speed of communication is something that greatly facilitated and beautified our joint cooperation
  • Currently, the course participants are 22 young people from all over Serbia (age 15-29), and from next year the course will be open and available for all who are interested. is redefining education with unconventional and highly practical approach to knowledge delivery.
Spain, 2018-2022
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