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Increase your company revenue with corporate online training for your employees in the areas of Data Science, software development, and Agile management.
Why us?
Your program
your goals
We identify gaps in knowledge, motivation and the level of professional burnout to develop a training program.
We take into account the specifics of the niche, goals and objectives of the company.
practical use
teaching methods
Teachers share their experience and professional life hacks that you can immediately apply in your work.
Interactive learning is 7X more effective than usual course material.
Why do you need?
Working intuitively as usual, you spend money that can go to business development.

Therefore, we help companies:
  • to boost productivity,
  • to improve cost-efficiency,
  • to increase employee work engagement,
  • to increase employee retention,
  • to eliminate weaknesses.
Our courses
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Student of Computer Sciences
Very well organized, going step by step and very thorough in his teachings. With only a few classes we managed to achieve a lot and go through everything that we planned to do.
What is important is that you learn the CONCEPT. A complete concept for the development of one application and technology that will enable you to turn your idea into a profitable product. In the course, I learned exactly that: how to turn an idea into something you will be able to live on. Whether you are working for someone or planning to start your StartUp from the living room. From basics (algorithms), first lines of code in Java programming language, basics of HTML and CSS, JavaScript to creating a complete Java web application, from scratch to knowledge that you can charge for in many ways. I have not repented, my warm recommendation for this course.
It is a pleasure to listen to
a lecturer like this!
Thank you very much! The lecture was really interesting, educational and interesting.
Interesting, professional, interesting, motivating.
Many thanks!
Primary school Teacher
High school Teacher
Primary school Psychologist
  • Q:
    What are the terms and conditions of the courses?
    • Unlimited access to all courses on the platform.
    • Unlimited access to selected courses in one direction.
    • Access to selected courses for any number of company employees.
    Managers will tell you more about the conditions. They will explain what is included in each package and help you choose the right option.
  • Q:
    How is the training structured?
    • Blended learning
    • Flipped classroom
    • AI
    • Metaverse
    • Gamification
    • Open Badges
  • Q:
    What if we don't have our own LMS?
    • Training on our platform
    • We  take care of the whole routine with setting up personal accounts and access to courses
    • We will supervise each student (employee of your company) and provide you with reports
  • Q:
    What if the conditions don't suit us?
    Let us know what solution you would like to implement - and we will definitely come up with something!
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