The best courses for our students, which we constantly update and improve
Start: Any time
Length: 4 weeks
Format: Video lessons + chat support
For beginners
Course “Python Starter Kit”
Start with the most popular programming language. Auto-grading function of our platform automatically checks if your code is good or not, at any time of the day...or night. Learn at your own pace and receive mentor's support via Slack.
Start: On Demand
Length: 2 Days ( 12 hours)
Format: Online live training
For beginners
Course “AI For Businesses”
Understand the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its applications within the business. Start developing your AI Strategy. We help executives, managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to understand the importance, risks, and pitfalls of AI systems.
Start: Any time
Length: 4 months
Format: 2 live lessons per week + video lessons + chat support
For beginners
Course “Machine Learning in Practice”
By using standard Python programming language libraries, learn to create basic machine learning models and analyze your data.
Start: 14 October
Length: 6 weeks
Format: 9 Online live practical lessons + video lessons + chat support
For beginners
Course “Agile and SCRUM”
Learn SCRUM and Agile principles. Lessons focused on practice, with effective feedback and analysis of real-life cases.
Start: Any time
Length: Self-Path
Format: Video lessons + chat support
For beginners
Course “Profession Ads Manager>”
Complete course for everyone who wants to start working with Meta and Instagram Ads. Clear step-by-step instructions to power up your first advertising campaigns, working with clients and earn as an Ads Manager.
Start: Any time
Length: On request
Format: 4 lessons * 75 minutes every month
For beginners and practicing developers and Q&A
Python for developers and Q&A
Emphasis on the direct transfer of experience from practicing programmers, constant contact with a mentor, and creation of project portfolios.
Start: Any time
Length: 12 months
Format: 4 lessons * 75 minutes every month
For everyone who wants to advance to Medior Java Developer.
Java development
Learn back-end development in Java, Spring and DevOps basics at the level of a Medior developer. Create a portfolio of projects and start applying for vacancies during the training.
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