The pandemic showed us the value of different teaching approaches. Changes have been made, but are they temporary or here to stay?
Let’s start discovering with top 3 problems while studying
  1. Studying in a class with students at different skill levels
  2. Need for having more time to learn than the class offered
  3. Boring class that killed the motivation
All these problems influence the effectiveness of studying. So, we’ve got a decision. It’s a mixture of 2 approaches: blended learning and flipped classroom.
And today we’ll speak about blended learning!
Can blended learning save students?
It combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. So that each element enhances the other. Even ‘traditional place-based classrooms’ can be easily substituted for online training, webinars or videos.
It saves not only students, but teachers too.
What are the benefits of this learning model?
  1. Students can move at their own pace. 
  2. Material is available at all times. 
  3. Students can prepare before class. 
  4. Students can retain more information. 
  5. Students are given self-advocacy and freedom 3. For educators
  6. Teaching across contexts. 
  7. Technology can facilitate different pedagogical approaches. 
  8. Set goals and track progress. 
  9. Create a tailored approach.
Which advantage touched you? Share your opinion in the comments below!
If there is so much profit for students, you can use it as a benefit for learning strategies: in your company for employees or in online school for students.
Why should you apply a corporate blended learning strategy to your training programs?
  1. It reduces face-to-face training costs, such as travel, accommodation, and printed training materials. The added benefit is rolling out training on a large scale, training globally.
  2. Training learners in a corporate setting, the balance for workers’ non-training workload is a must. Blended learning models rely on a mix of online training and assignments, which enables learners to learn when it suits them, giving them more control over their learning and development.
  3. Use varying online learning methods, like webinars, use LMS, gamification and certificates. Or delegate it to us! Some friendly competitiveness will result in better learner engagement.
We’ve collected 3 best blended learning practices for you in this article
Lab rotation. 
Online learning takes place in a dedicated computer lab, which gives both students and educators more flexibility while making use of existing resources.
Enriched virtual learning. 
The majority of coursework is completed virtually and remotely rather than having a regular classroom experience.
Online driver. 
It’s self-directed by the learner, and they can interact with an instructor through chat, email or message board.
At our courses we like to mix and match elements to create an environment that works best for students and teachers alike. is redefining education with unconventional and highly practical approach to knowledge delivery.
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