How to make sure you're getting the most out of a flipped learning model?
Keep in mind the four pillars of F-L-I-P as you plan your curriculum and lessons.
F: Flexible Learning Environment
Furniture should be modular and allow for a variety of group and individual work. The timing of lessons needs to be flexible.
L: Learning Culture
Students become the center of the lesson, guide the pace and style of learning. Instructors only help students through an experiment.
I: Intentional Content
Prioritizing lessons  and figuring out ways to encourage learners to work independently.
P: Professional Educator
Instructors should constantly monitor their students in order to identify who needs help with what and why, and need to be responsive and flexible.
Flipped classroom is |
Now, when you know all the principles, you are ready for the steps how to flip the classroom or to check whether your teacher flips your classroom!
We use these algorithms to prepare lessons for our students!
Determine Your Technology
Choose a hosting service and determine how your students will access all of your content. Decide how to track the progress.
Create Your Videos and Content
Keep it short: what used to take 15 minutes to cover in a lecture can usually fit into a five-minute video. Don't be afraid to be entertaining! Seek out videos and other interactive content from quality open educational resources.
Be Transparent With Students
Before you launch, clearly explain what flipped learning is and why you are doing it. Making a major change in your classroom culture is hard work, and flipping the mindset is not easy. Be prepared to address concerns and to revisit the "how" and the "why" often.
Make Your Students Accountable
Be sure to devise a system that tracks and holds students accountable for watching your videos. Use entry tickets, or short formative quizzes at the beginning of a lesson.
Keep It Up
Find a schedule and system that works for you so that filming, lesson planning and assessment all become routine.
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