I was so curious as a child and loved learning, everything has changed now!
But what if we say that curiosity can persist in adults? That you can learn with fun and even get addicted to learning!
One word. Gamification.
Do you like Monopoly because you like winning or because the process is engaging?
Let us explain.
Studying requires not only your time but energy as well. You have to concentrate, to keep being focused during the lesson and to memorize tons of new information
Even if you really need to learn to get a new job or to get promoted, this aim is what you also have to stay focused on. More tasks to your brain.
What can help adults learn then?
Being engaged in the process of learning. It’s not that hard to concentrate on now and here. So, gamification is the answer.
Implementing game elements and mechanics to the learning content make students inspired to engage:
  • a badge for every 30 minutes of studying
  • an interactive scenario to learn by doing
  • points that you can exchange for discounts
Gamification offers extrinsic motivation for adults to study without even realizing it.
That’s why we’ve written a book “Gamify your class”.
We want more people to enjoy studying and more teachers to succeed. And our book can help you gamify everything in your class right now!
And this works not only for schools, but for corporate education as well.
Method of teaching
Is it a boring seminar? Or a book they have to read and implement? Or is it an interactive quiz or video with brainstorming? You can be extremely motivated, but if the learning process makes you sleepy, it’s a waste of money.
Our primary teaching methods are blended learning and flipped classroom. They help us keep students’ attention. And they help students enjoy the process of learning. 
How can gamification help you and your business?
  1. Faster onboarding of new hires.
  2. Upskilling your workers.
  3. Learning about new products.
Are you ready to boost training productivity, to increase employee and students engagement, follow us and let’s get started!
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