Can people learn with fun? Can we become addicted to learning?

Can children's curiosity persist in adults?

Yes, yes, yes!

Gamification makes all this possible.
But around this tool there are too many myths preventing teachers from using it.

That’s why we’ve written a book “Gamify your class”.
Why do students of all ages like playing?
What to choose:
game-based learning or gamification?
How to immerse gamification into your class in 3 minutes?
How do colleagues incorporate games?

Have you ever faced these questions?

This is not a full list of what we share in our book.

And we know what we are talking about…

“When teaching meets coaching, where knowledge meets experience - Learning becomes easy!”
16 years in the IT industry
5+ years in the AI/ML sphere
10 years of coaching
“A lesson is a path to the learning objective. And the teacher decides how interesting it'll be!”
BS in Teaching English
8 years of teaching
If you want to teach and succeed,
start gamifying everything in your class
and buy our book right now! is redefining education with unconventional and highly practical approach to knowledge delivery.
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